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A deep dive into paths in Flutter

Everything is a widget in Flutter. And there are so many awesome widgets available in Flutter but one of my favourite widget is CustomPaint.

CustomPaint is a widget that provides a canvas on which to draw during the paint phase.

There are different ways to draw on a canvas, one…

Building a camera app in Flutter.

If you’ve ever built or used any large scale mobile app, then there is a great chance that the app uses the camera functionality. If you look at the top charts in the PlayStore you will find that many of the apps use the camera to perform various tasks. Flutter…

How to add dark mode to your app

We all love themes in apps. Especially the so-called dark theme. A dark theme has now become an essential part of mobile applications. All major applications support the dark theme and some apps even have dark theme as default.

Dark themes reduce the luminance emitted by device screens, while still…

Cooking a wallpaper app from zero to one.

In the last blog, we saw how to make an HTTP request to fetch images and build the UI with some cool animation. If you did not read the previous one, you can start from below.

In this part, we will see how to use Method Channel to write platform-specific…

Cooking a wallpaper app from zero to one.

In this series of blog, we will be building a wallpaper app from zero to one in Flutter. Our app will consist of a home screen (with some cool animation) and a detailed image screen. So, Let’s get started

But before that let’s try out the app first.

In this…

My Experiments with Flutter animations

Welcome back to my Flutter animation series. Where I show you my experiments with Flutter animations. In the previous blog, we saw how to animate background color using Tween animation. Today we will see how to create some amazing UI using CustomPainter and to animate it. So, Grab a cup…

We know how easy it is to navigate from one route to another in Flutter. We just need to do push and pop.

To push:

MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) => SecondRoute()),

To pop:


That’s it. BUT… It’s very boring, there is no animation at all 😦 .


Photo by Cris Ovalle on Unsplash

Well, animations are pretty important. It can make a monotonous UI feel very interesting. One reason I love Flutter is that it’s very easy to implement animations in Flutter.

This is the first blog in Flutter Animation Series. …

Photo by Andrian Valeanu on Unsplash


Android has provided us with many powerful componentized model for building your UI. All of these models are based on fundamental layout classes: View and ViewGroup. We can create our own view by simply subclass the widget or layout and override its methods. …

This is the quick tutorial on how to make the chatbot in Android.

What does it take to build chatbot?

My answer: Firebase + API.AI + Coffee

This is what we are going to build.

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